eunice community concert band & choir

Dwight R. Jodon
· Native of Eunice
· Graduate of Eunice High School, 1987
· Music Director, First United Methodist Church, Crowley, 2014-2017
· Music Director, First United Methodist Church, Eunice, 1986-2013
· Bachelor's Degree, Univ. of Louisiana-Lafayette, 1993
· Conductor/Co-Founder of ECCBC, 1990-present
· Eunice High School Band Director, 1993-1997
· New York Life Insurance Agent, 1997-present
· Major Instrument: Trumpet

Patricia Dossman
· Native of Eunice
· Graduate of Eunice High School, 1968
· Accountant with local CPA firm, 1974-1997
· General Manager/Co-Founder of ECCBC, 1990-present
· New York Life Insurance Agent, 1997-present
· Organist, First United Methodist Church, 2000-2013
· Major Instrument: Flute

Connie C. Beaugh
· Native of Eunice
· Graduate of Eunice High School
· Private Piano Instructor, 1987-present
· Lafayette Piano Teacher's Association, 1988-present
· Louisiana Music Teacher's Association, 1988-present
· Music Teachers National Association, 1988-present
· Eunice Community Choir Accompanist, 1990-present
· Accompanist, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Eunice), 1973-1993
· Accompanist, First United Methodist Church (Eunice), 1993-2000
· Keyboard Specialist and Adjudicator for the LA Baptist Convention, 1997-present
· Piano accompanist, First Baptist Church, 2000-present
· Major Instrument: Piano

Dr. Stephen Guempel

Arien Beaugh Harper
· Native of Eunice
· Director, ECCBC Children's Choir
· Teacher at Eunice Elementary School, 2008-present

Members who participated in the 2018 Summer Concert:
Lou Arton, Jeanerette

Terry Arton, Jeanerette
Connie Beaugh, Eunice
Jimi Bergeron, Basile
Mike Boudreaux, Lafayette
Martha Bryant, New Iberia
Jan Carboni, Lafayette
Sonya Castille, New Iberia
Annie Cormier, Church Point

Robin Daigle, Lafayette
Mary DeLaune, Youngsville
Patricia Dossman, Eunice
David Douget, Crowley

Glenn Durbin, Eunice
Ian Fontenot, Basile
Charles Guidry, Maurice
Madyson Guillory, Iota

Connor Jodon, Eunice

Joy Jodon, Eunice
Keith Jodon, Eunice
Megan LeDoux, Iota
Dwight Manuel, Eunice
Cindy Mouton, Scott

Kaitlin Mouton, Scott

John Phelan, Harvey

Stacy Prejean, Crowley
Art Riedel, Lafayette

Rebekah Ryder, Eunice
Emily Sheppard, Basile
Joe Stemplewski, Iota

Tim Vasquez, Alexandria
Laura Viator, New Iberia

CONNIE BEAUGH, Accompanist
Tonia Bertrand, Iota

Jimmy Broussard, Crowley
Angela Callahan, Crowley

Jan Carboni, Lafayette
Erika Carlson, Rayne

Ed Deshautelle, Eunice

Callie Dischler, Eunice
Patricia Dossman, Eunice

Jennifer Fowler, Eunice
Maecy Fruge', Eunice
Victoria Fruge', Eunice
Martha Guempel, Eunice

Tina Hensgens, Mowata
Ginger Jernigan, Eunice

Cassie Jobe-Ganucheau, Eunice
Joy Jodon, Eunice
Shirley Jodon, Eunice
Rachel LaFargue, Eunice
Linda LaFleur, Eunice
Suzanne LaHaye, Eunice

Delores Peterson, Eunice

Rick Peterson, Eunice

Stacy Prejean, Crowley
Sandy Reiners, Opelousas
Leighla Taunton, Crowley
Phyllis Triggs, Crowley

Laura Attales

Carter Bertrand

Daxton Broussard

Kylee Crochet

Annelise Kate Fruge

Madelyn Marie Fruge

Mary Grace Fruge

Hanson Jodon
Evella LeBlanc

Audrey LeDoux

Ava Ortego

Catherine Ortego

Cedric Ortego

Natalie Ortego
Eli Soileau

Nikita Soileau